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The Galata tower is located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul. Built on the site of previous towers, the Galata Tower has dominated the skyline since 1348, and is one of Istanbul’s iconic landmarks. The tower stands almost 70 meters high to its upmost tip, an outer diameter of almost 16.5 meters and walls 3.75 meters thick.

Galata Tower

In 1967 further modifications were made to create the tourist friendly attraction we see today, There are two lifts to take you up to a restaurant with some steps up to the 380 degree viewing platform. They may not be able to match the views, but the area around the Galata Tower is home to some excellent restaurants and well worth a visit.

The original purpose of the tower was to keep watch over the city and down to the port, and it is still used for this purpose today, except now it is the tourists that come here to take in the magnificent views.

Galata Tower 1 Galata Tower 2 Galata Tower 3

The original tower was built on the site in 507, constructed from wood. It was the Genoese that created the first stone structure in 1348. During the 15th century, the Ottoman’s used it as a prison and a strategic outlook post. The Galata Tower was badly damaged by fire in 1832, and had to be restored.